Light weight fabric
Good airtightness
Medium-low stretch
High breaking strength
Good UV-resistance

Light weight fabrics

Specialized fabrics for kites and other applications

Top fabrics specializes in lightweight Nylon and Polyester fabrics mostly used in the kite industry. Since our fabrics match the high demands of this particular industry, there are many other applications for which our fabrics can be used: Such as scenography, medical appliances, car covers, lightweight tarps or tents.


If you are looking for a lightweight fabric you have come to the right place. If you are unsure if a fabric will work for your application please do not hesitate to contact us, our salesteam is happy to provide you with any additional information.


We offer a wide range of different fabrics that can be delivered directly from stock.


Some our assortment:

  • Mirai Nylon
  • Chikara Nylon
  • Icarex Polyester
  • High quality Dacron
  • Tyvek
  • Mylar


Besides Fabrics, Vliegerop has an extensive range of other materials in their assortment. Vliegerop is a leading distributor of kite fabrics and other kite materials that can be used for many other applications outside the kite industry. You can find more information on the websites: Mirai Nylon, Chikara Nylon, Icarex Polyester, Vector Kitelines and Excel Carbon.


Application Examples